#BLAST is an online training and nutrition plan which contains your customized regime of eating and training. It consists of 4 phases, each with 21 day(#time2blast) cycles. The meal plans get tailored to every client on the basis of their blood characteristics and energy demands.


The #BLAST lifestyle assists clients to eliminate processed and inflammation causing foods. Foods that dis-regulate blood sugar or inflame your system will always make it harder to reach your goals. When your body is preoccupied with repairing the damage caused by poor quality and hard to digest foods, it can’t focus on what you want it to do. Anything sold in a box, bag or capsule should be eliminated.


Because we live an inflamed life!
The sugar we eat, the high doses of the wrong oils and fats in our diets, hidden food allergens, lack of exercise, chronic stress, and hidden infections all trigger an inflammation deep in our cells and tissues that leads to every one of the major chronic diseases of ageing – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, asthma, IBS and more.
Being inflamed makes you fat and being fat makes you inflamed!
So if you don’t address inflammation by eliminating hidden food allergens or sensitivities and eating an anti-inflammatory #BLAST diet you will not succeed at effective and permanent weight loss or good health.
Part of the power of each 21 day #BLAST phases lies in giving your body a break from these common inflammatory foods and eliminating allergens like gluten /dairy /yeast /sugar /wheat /processed foods/ artificial sweeteners etc. and seeing the results.
#BLAST is also uniquely designed for every individual – as the old saying goes: “One man’s medicine is another man’s poison”
Another integral component to the #BLAST diet is addressing the importance of our gut health.
60% out of all our ailments are caused by our gut where our immune system is located! So when the balance of our normal gut flora is damaged by poor diet and medications – that is when we become inflamed and develop allergies and gain weight etc.
So the purpose of #BLAST is to take these triggers away and get your bodies into an alkaline state by eating proper wholesome foods and at the same time reintroducing good bacteria through the use of probiotics to heal our gut. (NB – don’t forget the importance of taking your probiotics every day on an empty stomach!!
In a Nutshell – The #BLAST program fuels your body with organic, unprocessed, alkaline forming foods so you can become the best and healthiest YOU possible!!


ELIMINATE Gluten containing foods
ELIMINATE Packaged snacks
ELIMINATE Alcoholic beverages
ELIMINATE Refined oils


Upon signing up and completing a detailed lifestyle questionnaire and food diary I will analyse the information and within a week I will produce a tailored meal plan in line with the information provided. Communication with Wayne regarding #time2blast is unlimited. Wayne keeps you on track with motivational texts and is always an SMS away.


You then send in one current image (optional) of yourself which of course remains 100% confidential and will never be shared online without your consent. Once I have your online questionnaire & photos (optional) I can then determine your body composition and create and send phase one of your plan to you within 5 working days.

Every 21 days(#time2blast) you then send in your progress pics (optional) and stats. We then alter and adjust your calorie intake based upon your progress. This means that you won’t hit a fat loss plateau and will transform your body and lifestyle over 4 X 21 day cycles (12 weeks).




1. Submit your personal info.
2. #BLAST invoice sent from Wayne Collin Fitness.
3. POP received – #BLAST phase send.